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Is a creative energy that continually re-invents itself,
A company that has no boundaries and sees success in areas that others
can not define.

I see a company of people that know no limit to their creativity and has an
attention to detail that defines quality itself.

It will be a company that many will desire to be part of but few will
comprehend and its customers will consider it an indispensable ally in
their marketing strategy.

The company that I see will change the market place and will always be
set apart from others in its thinking and customer service.

Philip Daffern.

Traditional Signs

Being the oldest sign company
in Australia, we still do a high
volume of Hand Painted Signs.
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Sub-contract Installations

We have a cost effective
solution to make your business
shine above the rest.


Philip Daffern - Wiseman Signs
A Wiseman Shines with a Wiseman Sign