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Traditional Sign Writing


Being the oldest sign company in Australia we did not start out with computers,
stickers and digital prints. Everything was drawn up by hand and painted with a brush,
and those skills are still valuable today.

It is common for us to hear various misconceptions about Hand Painted Lettering.
The most common is “The local sticker guy said that paint doesn't last as long as
stickers” This is not the case. Vinyl & Paint both have their place, It takes a trained
professional to know what applications paint & vinyl are most useful for. With
advancement of vinyl technology there also have been advancements in paint

Our clients are generally amazed when they find out that we don't always use a
computer to lay out lettering. The great thing about this craft, apart from the great
people is the high level of skill that is involved. A true sign writer can free-hand
lettering, and usually sketch their designs up on paper and then transfer it to a
computer to make the final touches. There are not too many Sign Shops these days
that can boast a “Sign Writer” that can use a brush or even mark out lettering by hand.

This trade is a dying art, sadly with the high volume of digital print work & quick turn
around the humble sign writer has been replaced by a printer. If you require the
services of a traditional sign writer please do not hesitate to contact us

Traditional Signs

Being the oldest sign company
in Australia, we still do a high
volume of Hand Painted Signs.
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